Faith McCarthy is a designer-maker of high quality glycerine soaps which are decorative, practical and quirky, drawing on 1950’s patterns and colour palettes for design inspiration.

A brilliantly versatile gift, a beautiful-smelling and gorgeous-looking bar of soap can say ‘Thank-You’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Thinking of You’, …the possibilities are endless and none of them involve calories!


The Modern Vintage Soap Shop

Ditch the new-fangled shower gel (glug glug glug... down the drain!) and get yourself a bar of old-fashioned, long-lasting, gorgeous-looking soap.

Lavender & Geranium Soap Bar

A beautifully scented, gentle handmade glycerine soap bar, teal blue in colour and f...

Details £4.50

Honey And Lemongrass Soap

A gentle handmade glycerine soap bar, deep yellow in colour and richly scented with...

Details £4.50

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Workshops - The New Deal

Spring 2021!! Let's hope everything from now on will be going in a definitively forward direction.  I could manage the odd short pause or slight slow down but please... NO MORE GOING BACKWARDS, Mr Johnson. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that everything behaves itself well enough to make sure that just doesn't happen. SO...workshops are ON again...from the 17th May onwards.  However, I cannot be doing with any more messing around...

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The Plan for Christmas 2020

The plan that was put in place for Christmas 2019 worked VERY well, as far as I remember!  Although Christmas last year now seems like another universe away we are going to try and replicate roughly the same plan this year. The benefits seem to be that everything works more smoothly, and with less stress, the less we all encroach into December. Even the good old Royal Mail are entreating us to...

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Green Garden - Olive Oil Soap

These chartreuse green soaps are made with a gentle and creamy olive oil soap base a...

Details £7.50

Deep Purple - Olive Oil Soap

These Deep Purple soaps are made with a gentle and creamy olive oil soap base and sc...

Details £7.50

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