Faith McCarthy is a designer-maker of high quality glycerine soaps which are decorative, practical and quirky, drawing on 1950’s patterns and colour palettes for design inspiration.

A brilliantly versatile gift, a beautiful-smelling and gorgeous-looking bar of soap can say ‘Thank-You’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Thinking of You’, …the possibilities are endless and none of them involve calories!


The Modern Vintage Soap Shop

Ditch the new-fangled shower gel (glug glug glug... down the drain!) and get yourself a bar of old-fashioned, long-lasting, gorgeous-looking soap.

Beginners Soap-Making Workshops

ALL WORKSHOPS POSTPONED FOR THE FORESEEABLE... These workshops (usually) take place...

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Follow-On Soap-Making Workshop Sunday 5th April 2020

ALL WORKSHOPS POSTPONED FOR THE FORESEEABLE... "Tricks with Embeds"  This workshop w...

Details £42.00

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The Plan for Christmas

2019 is going to be the year of Christmas SANITY!  I am determined. No last-minute, wee-small-hours-of-the-morning, I-wish-I-was-doing-something-else this year.  It's not rocket science, just a question of discipline.  The discipline to DO IT EARLY!  So that's MY plan and I'm sure all my customers would benefit from the same plan. Some with more sense than me already do!  Those of you with a keen eye will already have noticed (as a front...

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To BFCM or not to BFCM? That is the question...

Well that's one more import from our cousins across the pond that seems to be here to stay.  For those of you who have managed to steer clear of these things I'm talking about BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY which traditionally falls the weekend immediately after Thanksgiving (yes that's the US Thanksgiving celebration...how long before we feel the need to help them out with that one too...?) So BFCM consists of a frenzy...

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Beginners Soap-Making Workshop Voucher

Know someone that would like to have a go at making their own colourful creations? T...

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