Faith McCarthy is a designer-maker of high quality glycerine soaps which are decorative, practical and quirky, drawing on 1950’s patterns and colour palettes for design inspiration.

A brilliantly versatile gift, a beautiful-smelling and gorgeous-looking bar of soap can say ‘Thank-You’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Thinking of You’, …the possibilities are endless and none of them involve calories!


The Modern Vintage Soap Shop

Ditch the new-fangled shower gel (glug glug glug... down the drain!) and get yourself a bar of old-fashioned, long-lasting, gorgeous-looking soap.

Camping & Festival Soaps

Off to the shower block at the campsite? Pop one of these 8 mini wrapped soaps into...

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Soap Gift Collection

Six of our best selling soaps all in one beautiful package, Rose & Geranium, Alo...

Details £15.00

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The Workshop Cure

I know this is going to sound like a blatant plug but, trust me, this is a real thought I’ve had… Since Christmas, when the urgent need to show someone you love them (or have at least thought about them once in 365 days) has died down and everyone is still using the marvellous soap they were given as a present (btw recklessly ignoring the fact that is NOT an everlasting bar)...

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Soap-Making Workshops 2015....I could do that....

Want to come and have a go at making the soap yourself?   'I could do that!' as Yosser Hughes used to say (this bring back memories anyone?). Well, come and visit me in my kitchen and give it a go on Thursday 12th November 2015 (either during the day or in the evening).  Central Guildford location - easy free parking on site. . Details are as follows:- Three hours of creativity...

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New kids on the block, or an old favourite? Bringing back a classic soap, our new So...

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Three Soap Gift Pack Number 1

Three of our best selling soaps all in one beautiful package, Lavender, Rose and Lav...

Details £12.50

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