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Body Polish

Scrubs up nicely...

Our new body polishes add a touch of luxury to your bath time experience. Whipped up in our kitchen, this light polishing soft soap contain fine grade pumice powder within and are suitable for use on both the face and body.  Scoop it on and lather up.

We've picked our 3 best-selling fragrances, so you can buff away to a brilliant smelling you.

Why not try:

Honey and Lemongrass Body Polish
An invigorating scent.

Rose Body Polish
For a delicate bath-time pampering.

Lavender Body Polish
To soothe the skin and mind.

Our soap products are handmade in Surrey using only top quality glycerine soap base. Gentle on the skin and British through and through, our soap base comes from one of Britain's leading manufacturers, based in Yorkshire. 

Body polish - 125g

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