Workshops - The New Deal

Spring 2021!!

Let's hope everything from now on will be going in a definitively forward direction.  I could manage the odd short pause or slight slow down but please... NO MORE GOING BACKWARDS, Mr Johnson. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that everything behaves itself well enough to make sure that just doesn't happen.

SO...workshops are ON again...from the 17th May onwards.  However, I cannot be doing with any more messing around with lots of individual bookings.  It has become SO complicated to manage all the individual cancellations/refunds/re-bookings so I decided to take a fresh look at how soap-making workshops are booked from now on.

I realised that MOST people come with one or two friends and relations and sometimes there is a whole group of 6 that want to spend a happy 3 hours together messing about with melted soap, colours and delicious fragrances.  Those who come on their own often seem to regret not bringing a friend with them or would possibly have been happy to pay more and have the entire session to themselves.

From now on, therefore, there will just be one price (£150) for a 3+ hour workshop and if you book you can bring a group of up to six people.  If you are a group of three then the cost per person will only be a little more than it used to be and if you are a group of 6 it will be a real bargain!

As usual, all materials will be included as well as light refreshments.  You will learn the basics of melt and pour soap-making using the BEST quality glycerin soap base from Stephensons of Yorkshire and will have a wonderful array of essential and fragrance oils with which to perfume your creations.

Anyone who is owed a workshop because one was cancelled last year or has an unused workshop voucher do get in touch if you haven't already heard from me although I am in the process of contacting you all individually.  We will make individual special arrangements to make sure you don't miss out!

I'm really looking forward to gathering people around my island once again and filling the space with weird and wonderful combinations of fragrances.  We've all been apart FAR TOO LONG. 

To BOOK a workshop group session click here, for a detailed DESCRIPTION of a workshop click here and to see workshop REVIEWS click here!

Can't wait to see you!!

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