The Plan for Christmas 2020

The plan that was put in place for Christmas 2019 worked VERY well, as far as I remember!  Although Christmas last year now seems like another universe away we are going to try and replicate roughly the same plan this year.

The benefits seem to be that everything works more smoothly, and with less stress, the less we all encroach into December. Even the good old Royal Mail are entreating us to do our online shopping as early as possible.  I am doing the same.  We all know it makes sense!

So, below is the timetable for accepting and dispatching orders this Christmas 2020.  Same incentive (20% discount code CHRISTMAS2020) The only difference is that there will NOT be unlimited stock.  My capacity is somewhat reduced this year (rather like my sanity) so everything available to order will  have a reasonable but FINITE stock level.  The answer is to MAKE YOUR MINDS UP QUICKLY ....WHEN IT'S GONE IT'S GONE!!

PLEASE NOTE that once again the orders placed during the ordering  window (up until end Monday 16th November) will NOT be dispatched until period 16th-25th November (see below).

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