The Covid Blip

The first half of 2020 has, in a very weird way, gone by in a flash.  It is astonishing to think that just about everyone in the whole world has had to make adjustments in their daily lives that few of us anticipated as 2020 began.  Many of these have been of a very sad nature for a good number people but the vast majority of us have had to simple press the pause button on many normal activities and replace them with a large amount of this...

As we begin to emerge blinking into the sunlight (though in the UK we have already had more than our fair share of sun) lets hope we can all help to bring a reasonable buzz back into the economy and get things going again as soon as possible....

Many of you have, I know, been looking to buy extra soap in the last few months and especially our wonderfully gentle glycerin soaps that do all the necessary virus killing without excessively drying the skin (unlike the harsh hand sanitisers).  However, like many other businesses, the supply chain for raw materials (soap, fragrance, packaging etc) has all been a little fragile so stocks of the finished product are only now beginning to build up again.  Keep checking our Current Stocks page for updates.

Additionally, I have been re-thinking the format of the Soap-Making Workshops and there will be more detailed news about these in due course. I would really like to continue with the face-to-face in-person tuition - I love meeting people and teaching the skills that I have acquired over the last 15 or so years. However, I may be able to provide an additional, on-line alternative for those not yet able or willing to meet others in my spacious, but indoor, workspace.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news and here's to meeting up with loved ones soon ...and giving them a squeeze!

Cheers !!

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