January Clearance - Happy New Year!

At last !! Finally sorted out the technical issues with the website and have uploaded all the items that are on sale.
Look out for a number of discounted seconds (all at half price or less) and other perfect items at 25% discount.
Good opportunity to just re-stock your bathroom cabinet for YOURSELF for a change instead of having to reluctantly give away the nice things you buy to other people.  
Lots of new ideas bubbling under for 2015, especially for those of you who like to use this soap regularly yourselves but would like to get hold of a reasonable quantity of it in a more cost effective version.  'Watch this' space as they say....

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Martha Kearney's Bee Aid Garden Party

Anyone at Martha Kearney's do at Lambeth Palace tonight? 

www.beeaid.org.uk  This is a brilliant event supporting the work of Bees Abroad and Bees for Development

You lucky people will soon be in receipt of a neat little package like the one above, from us, containing a soap along the theme of either honey or honey bees, plus a small sample of one of our best sellers.

There should be just two of you that have something a little different.  Anyone opening their box to see either a spider

 or even  a lovely red scorpion should email us at info@englishhandmadesoap.com to receive an extra special set of free soaps.

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