Advent is here...Christmas can't be far behind.

Had an enormously busy run of craft fairs in the last few days and was feeling all washed out (pardon the pun) but managed to drag myself to the beautiful and uplifting Advent Carol Service at Guildford Cathedral this evening. If you've never visited then you've missed out.

What a marvellous treat of words and music from those fantastic choirs - a jaw-dropping standard as usual.

Came to a decision, somewhere in the middle of the second carol (yes, lovely carols already!) that I would donate £1 from the sale of every one of my Christmas Angels (sometimes actually labelled as Guildford Angels)


to the Guildford Cathedral Make Your Mark appeal. So I'll have a look at how many I've sold by the time I close for Christmas and donate accordingly.  This soap was originally inspired by the angel on the top of the Cathedral tower (albeit the style is a little different....) 

I first made them to sell at the Cathedral during the Cathedral's golden jubilee year in 2011 and, thanks to the former Dean, these soapy angels went all over the world that Christmas.

They are a little tricky to make (and extremely difficult to photograph) and can only be done in relatively small batches so I am usually quite relieved when I can stop making them for another year.  If you find they have gone out of stock it is usually only a temporary situation!

Time for a few carols now and my first glass of mulled wine....shame no mince pies yet but I'd better pace myself.

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