Anyone for spiders?

Ok so SOME retailers might be trying to persuade you that there is this thing called 'Christmas' on the horizon but I say NO!!

First we have to have the fest of all things creepy and nasty.  However, the origins of this fest are decidedly more uplifting.  Presumably everyone knows that the 31st October is the eve of the day that was set aside to celebrate the opposite of things unpleasant... that is All Saints Day on the 1st November.  

All Saints Day is a decidedly more cheery affair, when the Christian church, by tradition, honours all saints, known and unknown...rather like a heavenly Remembrance Day (or Veteran's Day if you are from over the pond).  While we have information about many saints, and they are honoured on specific days, there are many unknown or unsung saints, who may have been forgotten, never been honoured specifically or indeed only known only privately.  These all get their day of special remembrance on the 1st November and the day before All Saints Day comes down to us as All Hallows Even (Een) aka Halloween.

So where did the nastiness come from?  Hallmark or Clinton cards you may wonder, well not this time. Check out the Wiki link here with masses of fascinating information about the origin of the 31st October activities that seem to be common in many parts of the world. Seems they are a mixture of Ancient Roman, early Christian and pre-Christian Irish traditions.  The Irish roots of Halloween explains why we have acquired recent Halloween traditions from the US.  

With a wholehearted sense of history therefore, I would like to propose that we all embrace the ghoulish and frivolous element of All Hallows Even.  Who doesn't like a bit of silly dressing up and crazy kitchen decoration? It's been going on for years.  To add to the generous party spirit and allow your guests of all ages to remember the cracking party on 31st October why not send them home with a nasty goody bag (fantastic oxymoron).

We're doing the Creepy Crawly soaps as a bulk purchase option as well as an individual purchase option now...take a look....wrap them with a 'not to be opened till you get home' label and you can carry on freaking them out long after the party has wound up. 

But the next day...well don't forget to raise a cheer (or a glass) to all the Saints in your life, known personally to you or otherwise.  Where would we be with out them.  THEN we can get on with Christmas. Have fun.


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