Help...I need a time turner!

This coming weekend I'm all over Brighton like a rash.  Actually... that's a very inappropriate metaphor for someone making soap, forget I wrote that.  I mean that I am in a 'wide variety of places'.  Well, four to be exact.

Two of these are Open House Christmas Sales in the Brighton area, though as far apart as it is possible to be geographically, and still be in the same 'area'.  The soaps will be found at The No. 75 Open House run by Nigel Gray (fabulous cushions) in Saltdean (Saturday & Sunday 11-6, here’s the link and also at the Surf and Turf Open House run by Emma Stanton (fantastic jewellery) in Hove (Saturday & Sunday 11-5

In addition I will be taking part in the last of this year's Makers Boutique in the Unitarian Church in the centre of Brighton, just behind the dome (11-5  If you're in the area pop in for a spot of Christmas shopping from the very eclectic mix of crafty stall holders followed by really yummy tea and cake from the most colourful and ingenious of pop up cafés at the back of the venue.

Lastly my poor little soaps have been braving the bracing conditions down on the beach - well underneath the arches at the Brighton Fishing Quarter, where the folks from the Makers Boutique have a  little shop, open 10-5 Saturday and Sunday.

So that's four different venues in one weekend…simple…I just need a time turner.  If only that self-righteous Hermione Granger didn't hog all the best gadgets.  She's so irritating, I wish she'd just grow up.  Oh wait…she did.

Let's hope the sun shines.

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